Tim Booth was a Police Officer for 30 yrs with Lincolnshire Police. Through that time he was engaged in most aspects of policing and at the time of his retirement he was the senior crime reduction officer for Lincolnshire Police.

As a crime reduction officer Tim supported the local Crime and Disorder Partnership as the Police / Local Authority Liaison Officer, working with Government Offices to secure funding for local projects.

As a Home Office accredited Crime Reduction Officer Tim extended his qualifications to become an Architectural Liaison Officer, accredited by both the Home Office and the University of Lincolnshire. This resulted in further work with local planning officers to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Seeking to promote the benefits of partnership working between both statutory and non-statutory agencies Tim was also trained as a Home Office ‘Associated Trainer’.

Having established the first industry sponsored crime prevention caravan initiative with the then Welland Group of companies the caravan industry recognised the benefit of promoting security to the general public, and Tim, as a long time caravanner began to establish strong links with the caravan industry manufacturers.

This sponsorship was formalised in the form of a national agreement, and under the banner of the Home Office leading industry organisations came together to provide an advice facility at leading national shows.

These shows forged strong links between the industry / public and Police and the show facility became a contact point for manufacturers of security equipment and specialist leisure equipment.

Tim’s links with the Home Office extended and he became a member of the Leisure Section of the Vehicle Crime reduction team. Recent figures released by this group show how positive an impact partnership working has had on reducing leisure related crime.

Partnership was the theme when Tim was appointed to the National Caravan Council Security Working Group – a group that has worked to establish new security products for the market, resulting in the re-writing of previous standards that the new products exceeded. Work continues to establish further industry standards for the services provided by the leisure industry and the products that the industry supplies to the public.

This work with the industry has established Tim as a key partner in the leisure industry and he is a regular point of contact for both Police and industry enquiries.

Tim is one of a small number of specialist caravan inspectors, as listed by the ‘Thatcham’ guide.

This role has now developed as Tim was appointed by some of the Caravan Industry’s major partners the National Caravan Council, The Camping and Caravanning Club and The Caravan Club to be their consultant working in the role of Leisure Vehicles Officer for the specialist Policing Unit established by AVCIS – The Association of Chief Police Officers Vehicle Crime Intelligence Unit – the first civilian member of staff to join this team in this specialist role. This is a part of their delivery as an industry group – The Caravan Safety and Security Group.

Tim’s primary role is to work to support the NCC, the major Clubs and law enforcement agencies, in their continued role of working to provide a safer environment for the industry’s wide variety of customers to enjoy their leisure time.

Tim will support the Caravan Safety and Security Group at regional shows where he will be available to offer advice to visitors, both industry and public, over a wide variety of issues.

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