40+ Years of Experience

Specialist security advisers to the caravan and leisure industry

We are specialist security advisers to the caravan and leisure industry providing a diverse range of consultancy solutions which can be viewed in our Services section

Tim Booth Consultancy Services Limited was founded in May 2007 by Timothy Booth who has 30 years of experience within the Police Force, more information of the credentials and background can be found in the About Us section

Over the years Tim has made strong connections with the caravan and leisure industry and links to related website can be found on the Useful Links page.

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Security Advice

Trained to a Home Office Accredited standard Tim is able to provide advice with regard to both Commercial security and also at a more grass roots level for the consumer.

Vehicle Identification

Tim carries out detailed inspections for Police Forces, Insurers and Finance companies to seek to reveal the true identity of caravans and motorhomes and to ensure that they are returned to their lawful owners.

Training & Presentations

As a means to support the caravan industry as a whole Tim has provided training to a variety of Industry providers, including insurers. Tim is a Home Office Accredited trainer delivering high quality relevant training.

Enforcement Agency Support

Tim supports Police Forces across the UK and more and more into Europe where regular inspections of caravans can lead to the recovery of stolen caravans, and the disruption of criminal activity.

Planning Permission

Tim can help and support you with planning applications in relation to sites and storage facilities

Law Enforcement Training

Ensuring that Law Enforcement officers are properly equipped for their role is an important part of Tim’s support to the wider Leisure Industry.


"Tim Booth's work with the leisure industry has established him as a key partner. Tim now works with a specialist police unit as their Leisure Vehicles Officer and he’s a regular point of contact for both police and industry enquiries. He's one of a small number of specialist caravan inspectors, as listed by the Thatcham guide."
Safeguard Insurance
"I got a call the other day from Tim Booth, the UK's expert on caravan security matters."
Practical Caravan
"Really interesting, Tim. Thank you very much for unpacking what I guess on the face of it looks a bit boring if I dare say, but it’s actually fascinating. And I totally understand the benefit of it."
Matt Sims
Motorhome Matt Podcast